Our Vision & Philosophy

For thousands of years, it has been observed that our planet Earth operates on a set of laws, patterns, and cycles.

The sun and the moon form the main energy driver of this planet. Together with gravity it creates different time lengths of day and night, the four seasons, the environment and conditions in which we all live.

We are all born of the Earth, therefore we too operate on the same set of observable laws. 


Our Course Of Action

Eastern philosophy allows us to understand the laws, to locate certain data of the planet and its people. Modern mathematical formulas allow us to develop a useful set of tools that’s adapted for modern day living in all areas of life: from fashion to dining, living to travel.

The tools are specifically used to identify a person, identify a product, find the relationship between the two, and the timing of that connection.

We apply the tools to various areas of service to serve people with modern day needs. Together, these companies form the 109TM Network.