Using the WMH109 system of "One Planet, Five Elements", and ancient Chinese philosophies, all users have access to new information that will ultimately aid them with balanced lifestyles. Connecting with friends and family on this platform will shed a whole new light on your existing relationships. This new platform will allow you to “plug in” with your friends on a whole new level, allowing the users access to their elemental energies.


Why sign up for 109 Jade Emperor?


Understand Yourself

Discover your innate talents and personality traits that you never knew existed.

Reflect On The Past

Understand why past events happened the way they did and find closure.

Plan For The Future

Select auspicious dates for future events in your life.

Meet New Friends

Connect with people using the Five Elements as your ice-breaker.

Find Special Connections

Seek out beneficial elemental combinations among your existing friends.


How does it work?


It's simple, really. First you sign-up for a new account, which involves entering some information about your date and time of birth. This is then used by the program to calculate a number of things including your unique 9-digit Destiny Number, your Body Source Code, your Personal Element, your elemental structure, and so much more. 


Primary Systems


The natural world is comprised of a life energy called Qi (pronounced CHEE) that flows through and around all things, both living and inanimate. The manner in which the Qi energy flows can be broken down into the Five Elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

The Five Elements can be described abstractly as representations of the transformations that occur in the natural world around you, as metaphors for describing how things interact, relate, process and change. The ancient Chinese have observed the laws of the Five Elements in the passage of these four key time frames: Hours, Days, Months and Years. This allowed philosophers to understand the Elemental Influences during any given moment in time – including the exact moment of your birth. The Five Elements, and their patterns of flow, set the groundwork for who you are as an individual and are your tools to manipulate as you progress through the journey of life.


This is the element that resonates with you the most, and best represents your character and personality traits. Knowing your Personal Element you can influence the people and environment around you for the best results. When someone asks you "what element are you?", this would be your answer.


The elements that make up your Body Source Code and Personal Element are converted into a digital code that contains 9 digits. This is your Destiny Number and is used by our mobile apps and online tools to analyze your connection to people, places, and things. This is your own personal code that represents your life destiny.

Elemental Energies

These are the percentages of each element that make up your life's elemental energies.


Auxiliary  Systems


Today's Date

The associated elemental energies of the current day plays a major role in how you feel and perform throughout the day. You can also look into past or future dates with the drop down calendar.

The extended calendar allows you to select another day in the future or in the past and view the following information:

  • The Daily Elements that make up that day's elemental energies.
  • The position of that day in the Sexegenary Cycle.


This handy little widget keeps you informed of local weather. A quick look at the extended forecast can help you plan ahead.


Best Time

Based on your own elemental structure, the system will automatically calculate what hours of the day are to be considered beneficial to you. These are your best times.


Coming Soon


Hourly Stars

Likewise, the Zeus Sensor stars that are active during the current hour will be displayed, giving you a chance to look deeper into its meaning and significance in your current situation.


connect to the Online Shopping Mall

An interactive, virtual shopping experience that combines the Five Elements and all the philosophies of 109 Jade Emperor. This portal connects you, and all your element stats, directly to the virtual mall so that you may have a fully integrated shopping experience with the Five Elements in mind.

Engage in shopping the core essentials areas of fashion, dining, living, and travel.

Engage in shopping the core essentials areas of fashion, dining, living, and travel.